Fitness Clubs at SAS

A Catalyst Project

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Driving Question

How can I create an easily accessible resource to introduce incoming high school students to fitness clubs at SAS, and encourage them to join?






To provide an accessible resource for incoming high school students to explore fitness clubs at SAS.  The clubs presented on this website are the fitness-orientated general clubs that are organized by students and teachers at SAS.  They differ from the school-sponsored sports teams in that they are intramural and often year-long.

About the Creator

Siobhan is a member of the class of 2019.  She loves sports and exercise, and participates in season 1 cross-country every year, as well as being a member of three of the six fitness clubs described in this website (see if you can find her in the picture on the House of Pain page).  She moved to Singapore at the beginning of freshman year, and was too shy to go to the general club fair to join any clubs.  This website is a resource she wishes she'd had available to her as a freshman, to make it easier for her to learn about and join clubs.

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